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Carpet Padding

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When it comes to carpet and carpet padding, there are many options to choose from. So what exactly is carpet padding and how do you choose it? We’re going over what carpet padding is, what it’s made of, and how to choose the best carpet padding for your home. As you prepare for carpet installation in your home, don’t forget to consider the best carpet pad to install, as it will change the way your carpet functions.

What is Carpet Padding?


Carpet padding is a material that’s placed underneath your carpet. It can be made out of a variety of elements, including foam, fiber, nylon, and other materials. Carpet padding helps to minimize the stress on your flooring, reduces noise, increases cushion and comfort for your feet, and controls and minimizes stains from going into your sub-floor for easier cleanup.


For starters, a carpet pad works to not only make the actual carpet more comfortable to walk on but will also increase the lifespan of yourcarpet. In fact, a luxurious carpet pile won’t remain that way for long without a carpet pad under it. Without a carpet pad to protect carpet from wear, there’s nothing behind it absorbing the shock of everyday foot traffic. Different carpet pad options will have different capabilities to reduce walking fatigue and different levels of shock absorption, among other characteristics. Therefore, selecting carpet padding can be just as important as deciding on a specific carpet style.


How do I Choose Carpet Padding?


When you’re deciding on a carpet padding for your home, think about your lifestyle needs and the anticipated amount of foot traffic in your space. You don’t have to worry about looks; that’s what your new carpet is for! Focus on maximizing the attributes you need most within the budget you’ve set, and you will be golden. If you’re replacing the carpet in high traffic areas, such as your living room, it’s best to choose a pad that is durable and can withstand heavy foot traffic. Sometimes a flooring store will throw in free carpet padding to entice shoppers on making a carpet purchase, but that add-on may not be the high-quality pad your home requires. You need to assess the thickness, weight, and material of the carpet padding needed. Thankfully, technological advances have produced great options for your home, no matter what life is like inside. To determine if the carpet padding you’re interested in is an ideal thickness and softness for your space, you can start by stepping on samples. This will give you an idea of how the padding feels underfoot, without leaving you guessing about what it might be like under your new carpet. You’ll notice that some carpet padding feels firm and sturdy, while others feel soft and luxurious. Again, consider your home and the factors that will help you decide what carpet padding is best.


What is Carpet Padding


What Are the Different Types of Carpet Padding?


There are several different types of carpet padding on the market today. Some of the carpet padding types include bonded foam carpet pad, synthetic fiber carpet pad, memory foam carpet pads, and felt pads. Each carpet padding is unique in its construction and features, and the right carpet padding for your home depends on your lifestyle and carpet needs.


Bonded Foam Carpet Pad 


Bonded foam carpet pad – commonly referred to as “rebond” carpet pad - is the most commonly used option in the United States. These foam pads are made from 100% scrap and recycled foam and have a multi-colored appearance as a result. In addition to this eco-friendly factor, bonded foam also offers a great combination of durability and value. If you have an active home with kids and pets, which may see its fair share of physical activity, bond foam would be a good fit. This is especially true if you are investing in relatively inexpensive, easy to clean carpet for a kid’s playroom. Something like prime foam that has air pockets and can potentially collapse over time, would not be a great fit for the same amount of activity.





Synthetic Fiber Carpet Pads

For an area that will see greater foot traffic, like hallways and TV rooms, you may think that a thick pad would be the best fit to absorb ALL of the steps. However, a thicker carpet pad can actually damage a thin carpet as it has too much give to be paired with a short-pile. In this instance, a thinner carpet pad with a heavier weight will be better suited for the volume of steps that the area will see. Generally speaking, 6 pounds is a good minimum carpet pad weight for a residential carpet. Commercial settings that will see the most extreme foot traffic need the extreme durability offered by a synthetic fiber carpet pad.





Memory Foam Carpet Pads


Just like memory foam mattresses, memory foam carpet pads are supremely soft and feel amazing to walk on. However, this option has its limits: memory foam will not perform well under high-traffic situations, and stretching the carpet backing will damage the actual carpet over time. This cloud-like option is the best fit for crafting cozy bedrooms and luxuriously comfortable living rooms.





Felt Pads


If you are laying down carpet for a room, hallway, or inlet with atypical dimensions, felt pad makes a great, customizable option that’s easy to cut and fit your desired area. Similarly, if you didn’t opt for carpet in a specific room, but you want to add an area rug to give the room warmth and softness, you can cut an area rug pad to fit your specific rug size. Just like with wall-to-wall carpet, you get all the added comfort, durability, sound insulation, and temperature insulation, as well as prolonging the life of your rug!





What is Carpet Padding Made Of?


Carpet padding is made of a variety of materials, depending mostly on the type of padding. For example, bonded foam carpet pad is made from 100% scrap and recycled foam. It’s likely that you’ve seen this multicolored carpet padding because it is one of the most popular out there. Synthetic fiber carpet padding is made from synthetic fibers that are put together to make padding, and memory foam carpet padding is just as it sounds – made of memory foam. Lastly, felt carpet padding is made from a combination of materials such as wool and synthetic fibers.


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